Finding Jesus in Exodus
on January 22nd, 2021
There are many types of Christ throughout the Old Testament. A bit different than a prophecy, types of Christ are pictures, a foreshadowing of sorts, that allude to Christ. Not only, as a member of the Trinity was Christ there with God from the start, He was also represented in all of scripture as the recurring theme  long before his birth was recorded in the New Testament. There are “Jesus sighti...  Read More
Finding Jesus In Genesis
on January 15th, 2021
Pastor Drew explores the Old Testament sightings of Jesus beginning in Genesis.Jesus din't just show up for the first time in the New Testament. He was there all along, from the very beginning."In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God." John 1:1...  Read More
Too Far Gone?
on January 8th, 2021
It's been a difficult week for our nation. Things seem to be very complicated and all so wrong. Are we too far gone as a nation? Is it too late to return to God? Pastor Drew reminds us that God doesn't time out on our repentance and return to Him in this week's Friday Focus....  Read More
on January 8th, 2021
Why do we make New Year Resolutions?Our traditions and why they matter......  Read More
A Christmas Prayer
on December 25th, 2020
A Christmas Prayer  Read More
The Origin of Christmas Gifts
on December 18th, 2020
Where our traditions come from and why they matter - Part 3...  Read More
The Origin of Christmas Trees - Advent Week 2
on December 12th, 2020
Why we do the things we do...Advent Week 2 - The Origin of Christmas Trees...  Read More
The Origin of Advent - Advent Week 1
on December 4th, 2020
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