Prayer (Part 10)

Our goal today in Part 10 of this video lesson series on dismantle the idea that the rest of life is separate from prayer, that prayer is an activity that stands alone and possible reserved for a certain time of the day. Like learning a foreign language takes time and effort, the same can be said for fluency in prayer. Prayer requires discipline. The results of prayer can be hard to measure as well causing frustration and sadly, drifting away. The benefits of prayer come with consistency, though. "Pray with out ceasing"...Practice is a requirement for fluency. Practicing prayer regularly and consistently, at any opportunity, builds our relationship with Him. We can pray any time! This is the bonus of prayer. We don't have to wait for a certain time (during operating hours) or for any specific reason. God just wants to know your heart and He wants you to know His. This comes through prayer.
Enjoy this episode of the fbc friday focus - "Fluency in Prayer".