Prayer (Part 3)

In Part 3 of Prayer we will take a look at the way we approach God. With authenticity, transparency and humility we SHOULD come to God but do we? Often we hide from God. We have preexisting notions about how to pray and how it ought to sound. Jesus tells us that we should not seek to impress anyone (even to try to impress God) but the way we ought to come is very much opposite this idea . God wants us to lower our defenses when we come to Him. God wants us to come helpless, humble & honest. His desire is to hear our heart, bare and open. We aren't hiding anything from Him anyway. He sees it all! Prayer allows a place for all our hurts and hangups. This is what God wants. As friend that is closer than a brother, God holds the keys to peace in our lives. Our Father can take it. He invites us to come to Him, through prayer and offers us peace in His presence. Enjoy this episode of the fbc friday focus!