Finding Jesus in Malachi

This week's episode of the FBC Friday Focus has us in the book of Malachi. This is where we see Jesus as the Sun of Righteousness. Twins Jacob and Esau, look alike but Jacob and Esau had been very different. Jacob, set apart- the favored one; Esau the God-hater, in arrogance, refusing to follow Him.  Yet, Israel has broken their covenant and though they look alike, their descendants are twins on a spiritual level. God reminds them that both are, in fact,  the same and cannot stand on their own righteousness. Jesus comes to purify the world, cleanse it from sin and in this revelation, all will be redeemed. The by-product is pain and messiness.  But "The Sun of Righteousness will rise, with healing in His wings."  Jesus intends the purify, heal and redeem. By trusting in Christ, the Righteous One, we can receive the fullness of His healing.