Finding Jesus in Psalms

This week's episode of Jesus sightings takes us to Psalms. One of the largest books of the Bible, Psalms shows a multitude of different portraits of Jesus. The heart cries of God's people are heard in Psalms and Jesus is the answer to our cries. Cries of forgiveness, lament, praise, thanksgiving, delight in God's law, confidence in God, and those that tell of God's mercy, found in Psalms are ALL fulfilled in Jesus. Jesus provides the forgiveness, comfort, mercy. He is our confidence and the work of Jesus is the very reason we praise God. Jesus is the fulfillment of God's law, living perfectly so that we are freed from the penalty of the law so that we can delight in the law. The Psalms are rich with pictures of Jesus as the answer to the cries of God's people. Jesus said himself "these things were written about me." Enjoy!